Other Services


TEAM Restoration Ministries offers a variety of educational conferences, special topics seminars, and small group facilitation.  Continue to check our website for upcoming events, or contact us with a special request to have TEAM Restoration Ministries bring a conference to your area.

Retreat Facilitation

TEAM Restoration Ministries offers retreat facilitation for businesses, health care organizations, church groups, and private groups. Retreats are designed to meet the needs of the group or organization. Retreats range from multiple-day retreats to half-day retreats. TEAM Restoration Ministries desires to work with your group and custom-create a retreat that will meet your group’s needs.

TEAM Building Consultation

TEAM Restoration Ministries offers team building consultation in a variety of ways. Consultation can be designed as ongoing while teams grow and change or when teams desire to take a new direction. Whether it is a multiple-event consultation or a one-time event, TEAM Restoration Ministries’ facilitators can tailor consultation to meet your changing team’s needs.

Evangelism Planning

TEAM Restoration Ministries offers evangelism planning services. Identifying and clarifying what the future looks like for your organization or church is imperative to survival for the next generation. Whether you are creating a new strategic plan, have never created a strategic plan, or are revising a current strategic plan, TEAM members can assist in this process, allowing your entire team to participate in the planning. TEAM members are experienced in corporate strategic planning as well as church strategic planning.

To book Team Restoration, you can send us an email or call us at 515.238.9010.